You want to take the very best care of your Perkins engine and you can rest assured that your local Perkins dealer will follow prescribed procedures with every task we undertake for you, or help you manage the service yourself in line with the prescribed procedures. Minimizing your machine downtime is our highest priority, and our authorized dealer network can manage your servicing or help you source the necessary genuine parts with minimum delay.In order to provide you with the timeliest support please contact the closest local Dealers.


service replacement

Keep your machine working. Perkins can supply you with the same engine that came with your machine when you first bought it. A repower or replacement engine takes only a few hours to fit and is perfect during busy times. These assembly solutions are all ready to be quickly and easily installed. Many of these solutions come as new, remanufactured or new-for-old options, giving you the flexibility to choose.

All Perkins parts come with factory-standard warranties. That’s a minimum 12 months, extendable up to 10 years for complete engines.

Service Replacement

Perkins® Platinum Protection

Get up to 10 years and 15,000 hours warranty on complete engines through Perkins® Platinum Protection.

Choose the package you want for your engine and see these benefits:

  • Cover on up to 100 percent of your engine components
  • Options of up to 10 years and 15,000 hours (dependant on model)
  • Transfer cover to a new owner, adding value to the engine if you decide to sell
  • Access to, and support from, the Perkins global network including our fully trained certified technicians
  • Genuine parts that have been rated and tested specifically for your engine
  • No excess to pay – cover identical to your standard warranty*

To buy Perkins Platinum Protection contact to your local Perkins distributor.

Perkins® Platinum Protection

Oil Sampling

The sampling and testing of your machine’s crucial fluid by a certified laboratory technician.​ The oil sampling is an early detection system for all your lubricating systems​:

  • Engines​
  • Transmissions​
  • Hydraulics​
  • Final Drives​
  • Differentials​
  • Gear Boxes​
  • Compressors​

This data detects a correct oul for the application, if the oil has been contaminated or deteriorated and if the wear rate has increased.

For more information, please fill the below or send an email to following address:

Oil Sampling

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